Aesthetician & Clinical Skin Care Therapist - Kristy Vergilio

Aesthetician in Qualicum Beach, BC

My journey as a Clinical Skin Care therapist began in Belfast, Northern Ireland 20 years ago where I graduated from the Bronwyn Conroy C.I.D.E.S.C.O Institute. A C.I.D.E.S.C.O. designation is the world’s most prestigious qualification for aesthetics and beauty therapy.

Since then, I have cultivated my experience in a handful of Western Canada’s top Spas and Medical Aesthetics Clinics such as Project Skin MD and The Fairmont Empress Willow Stream Spa.  As a result, over the years, I have had the pleasure of providing every spa service from pedicures to laser resurfacing, which gave me the opportunity to be clear that my passion within the aesthetics industry is clinical skin care.

In 2010, I focused my desire to offer clients targeted skin care solutions and became certified as a Clinical Aesthetician at the Institut’ DERMed College of Advanced Aesthetics in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was then I was able to fine-tune my aesthetic skills to blend my natural problem-solving abilities with services such as Dermaplaning and medical grade exfoliations to create beautiful and dramatic outcomes for my clients skin care needs and concerns.

I have recently become a wife and mother and our desire for connection within a small community along with the gift of living by the sea became an essential family value to my husband and me. Qualicum Beach has since become our home and where I’m delighted to share my private studio space, dedicated to expert & luxurious skin care treatments, with you.

"Imagine being on an island, where all the noise of the outer world is removed. Then imagine being pampered in a way that far exceeds your imagination as you are cocooned in the warmth of peace and cared for by the hands of expertise, this Is one of the mysteries of the Island. come, enjoy and be delighted!"
Gail S. – Qualicum Beach

Why I Love What I Do!

Have you noticed that every once and a while a beautiful woman catches your attention?

She has a particular level of gracefulness and a complete sense of her own style. Now, I’m not talking about stereotypical beauty, what I am describing is the lady who looks effortlessly polished and confident in her own skin.

I became aware of this quality as a young girl. I clearly remember sitting on my mothers bathroom vanity watching her get ready for the day. She made the whole process a work of art (and still does).

She inspired me at this young age to respect how I presented myself, to highlight my individual features and look my best. She taught me how to care for my skin from the age of 13; a process that quickly became a passion and lead me to aesthetics college shortly after high school.

During school and my first few years in the aesthetics industry, I did not know that skin care would become my career focus and I’m glad that I spent time practicing classic aesthetics. It allowed me to provide almost every service in the spa and medical aesthetics industry and become knowledgeable and have a hands-on understanding of all aesthetic skills.

After ten years of providing spa services, I was ready for a change. I loved the work and connection with clients but I felt the pull to learn and grow within the aesthetics industry. Medical aesthetics clinics were popping up around me and it was the environment that I passionately wanted to be a part of.

I certified as a clinical aesthetician and entered into the world of medical aesthetics. What a 180 degree change it was! I was shocked by the difference between the two fields. Working as a laser technician, I managed people’s pain as opposed to making people feel relaxed. There was no relaxing music or soft fuzzy robes. There was gauze, needles and long waiting times for clients (a big no-no in the spa industry).

While working in one particular medical office, I noticed that women were spending large sums of money on cosmetic injections, but their skin looked dull and dare I say uncared for. So here you had women wanting to look their best and no one was teaching them how to care for their skin. To me, this was like a cake with no icing!

In the Medical Aesthetic industry, I also met clients who had no desire for invasive treatments but still wanted to look their best; coming in for microdermabrasion as they felt that traditional facials were not giving them the results they were looking for.

Meeting these two different types of clients was when the lightbulb turned on for me...there had to be a bridge between medical clinics and spas. Consumers were looking for a professional facility to have medical grade skin care treatments while still offering the relaxing and luxurious element found in spas. This has since been my career focus to work on blending spa and medical treatments.

Over the last few years I created a thriving private clinical skin care studio in Abbotsford, as well as worked within a highly respected medical clinic in Vancouver’s South Granville area. In both environments, I have stayed true to helping people achieve healthy, balanced, glowing skin in a luxurious environment; all by using my cultivated knowledge, uncomplicated treatment plans and quality skin care backed by scientific research and studies.

At this same time, I also married the love of my life and we welcomed an energetic little boy into our lives. While settling into family life, it proved challenging to commute into Vancouver, run my own business and be a wife and mother all at the same time. My energy was being pulled in too may directions and life was feeling unbalanced.  As well, I grew up on Vancouver Island and found myself missing the connected small communities terribly. My husband and I decided that a more balanced lifestyle was important to us and, in the beginning of 2016 we packed up our family and moved to beautiful Qualicum Beach.

It is my pleasure to offer a private studio space in the Qualicum Beach area dedicated to expert and luxurious clinical skin care treatments to you.

Oh and I should mother is a regular client of mine.