Ooh La Lash Mascara (Black)


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VMV Hypoallergenics - Ooh La Lash Mascara

Volumizing Mascara. For Massive Lashes.

Ooh La Lash Mascara is the bestselling & non-smearing, va-va-volume tubing mascara, adds all the right kind of drama.

  • Features a special compound that swells up and surrounds each lash strand in a tube - a physical sleeve - of its very own.
  • Each application adds a new sleeve, coating each lash, building an ever-thicker cocoon of rich, beautiful color, and creating s-tube-pendous, non-smearing volume.
  • Non-clumping, smear-free (and therefore skin-friendlier). Why? Because instead of applying layers of looser pigments across a swath of lashes, it creates a clean, "sealed" tube around each lash.
  • Easy to remove: if one way to reduce the risk of irritation is to prevent contact with skin (via raccoon eyes), another is to avoid the need for turpentine-like removers. This mascara dissolves in warm water; a few splashes and the tubes slip right off.
  • 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free.
  • 100% Dye-Free. Gluten-Free.
  • Non-Comedogenic. Non-Smearing. Patch-Tested.