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Medical Aesthetician & Skincare Therapist, CIDESCO, 20+ Years Experience

Kristy Livingston


There’s something magical about a woman who looks effortlessly polished and confident in her own skin. As a young girl, I remember sitting on my mother’s bathroom vanity, watching her get ready for the day. She always made the entire process into a work of art (and still does). 

She inspired me from a young age to care for my skin and always look my best, and after graduating high school, this passion led me to enroll in aesthetics college.

In the years that followed, I went on to become certified as a clinical skincare therapist in Belfast, Northern Ireland, train as a clinical aesthetician in Atlanta, Georgia, and work in a wide variety of med spa and aesthetic clinic settings all throughout Western Canada. 

Through my experience in these different environments, I came to realize that there was a missing link between medical clinics and spas. As a clinical aesthetician, I managed people’s pain instead of making them feel relaxed. In med spas, I met clients who would spend huge amounts on cosmetic procedures but had never even been taught how to properly care for their skin on a daily basis.

And so, I turned my career focus to establishing a new kind of practice; one that would provide medical-grade skincare and treatments backed by scientific research, while still offering the relaxing and luxurious experience of a spa.

In this same period, I found myself missing small, connected island communities like the one I had grown up in. At the beginning of 2016, I decided that a quieter and more balanced lifestyle was the choice for me, so I moved out of the bustling city of Vancouver and into the lovely seaside town of Qualicum Beach. There, I began running my own private practice from the comfort of my beautiful home.

I am delighted to welcome you into this community and the comfortable, elegant private studio space I have established here, where I am committed to providing expert, medical-grade skincare, and addressing all of your skin’s needs.

Oh and I should mention – my mother is now a regular client of mine!