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Shop Biologique Recherche Canada at Bella Luche Skin Care. Biologique Recherche skin care products are both authentic and harmonious. All skin care products boast the following specific characteristics:

- High concentration (over 20% in most products) of botanical, marine and biological extract.
- No artificial fragrances to preserve the integrity of the formulas and try to avoid allergic reactions.
- Respects the original structure of the active ingredients and most are therefore cold formulations.
- Contain high quality of their composition and active ingredients justifies the brand's value

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Biologique Recherche Cleansers

Biologique Recherche Cleansers

Biologique Recherche cleansers remove all traces of make-up and pollution. They are applied like creams in an ascending outward massage from the neck up to the top of the face to remove impurities from the face, neck and cleavage. They are rinsed off with a moistened cotton pad. The active ingredients initiate the beauty treatment and leave the skin soft and refreshed. These products are used in the first stage of every Biologique Recherche beauty care program and are used every day in the morning and in the evening. Make-up removal should begin on the eye area using a spotlessly clean cotton pad.

Popular Cleansers include:

Lait U
Lait VIP 02
Lait E.V.

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Biologique Recherche P50 Balancing Exfoliators

Biologique Recherche P50 Balancing Exfoliators

P50 balancing exfoliators are the unique fruit of 30 years of reflection and experience in skin care. P50 balancing exfoliators speed up the epidermis' natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. The fortified epidermis can then fulfill its protective functions completely, enhancing the skin's self-regeneration potential. Lotion P50, the most famous and coveted product, is the keystone to Biologique Recherche skin care treatment. All Biologique Recherche skin care treatments, whether administered at home or in a beauty institute, start with the P50 ritual. It is applied in the morning and in the evening. It gently exfoliates the skin, regulates excessive sebum secretion, moisturizes and helps maintain the epidermis' acid pH. It prevents and treats in-growing hairs, and is therefore ideal for pre and post shaving skin care."

Popular P50 Balancing Exfoliators include:

Lotion P50T
Lotion P50 PIGM 400

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Biologique Recherche Masks

Biologique Recherche Masks

Biologique Recherche masks contain high concentrations of active ingredients to balance and purify the epidermis and preserve all the benefits of previous treatments. They contain Essential Fatty Acids to replenish the skins proteo-lipidic film after exfoliation and prepare the skin for the products that are applied during the Treatment Stage. Biologique Recherche masks are applied in the middle of the skin care program and not at the end. This is done deliberately to avoid removing the active ingredients used in the Treatment Stage along with the mask.

Popular Masks include:

Creme Masque Vernix
Masque VIP 02
Masque Biosensible

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Biologique Recherche Quintessential Serums

Biologique Recherche Quintessential Serums

Biologique Recherche Quintessential Serums are the purest formulations in the Biologique Recherche range. Their only active ingredients are amino acids or short peptides and a bare minimum of preservatives. The quintessential serums are designed to treat specific skin imbalances (dehydrated, devitalized, lined and/or seborrheic skin, etc.). The serums can be used alone, or mixed together.

Popular Quintessential Serums include:

Collagene Natif

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Biologique Recherche Creams

Biologique Recherche Creams

Biologique Recherche creams are applied to the face, neck and cleavage and contribute balanced botanical, biological and marine elements to the skin. They supplement the actions of the Quintessential Serums and protect the skin from external aggressions. The Biologique Recherche creams have a special texture which moisturizes without leaving an oily film on the skin. They are easy to apply and rich in active ingredients providing optimum results with a nut-sized amount.

Popular Creams include:

Creme VIP 02
Creme Dermo RL
Creme Amnios

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Biologique Recherche Finishing Serums

Biologique Recherche Finishing Serums

Biologique Recherche finishing serums are used for the finishing touches and have very special formulations. They are sophisticated and glamorous and their precious formulas provide instant and lasting effects. They can be applied both under and over creams to give the skin a natural glow and radiance. These precious fluids contain botanical extracts with a variety of virtues, vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid as well as potent moisturizing and oxygenating DNA extracts. The finishing serums also stabilize the products applied during the Treatment Stage. They make an excellent base for make-up and are perfect for use on both a daily basis and for special events. Finishing serums prolong and protect the effects of the Biologique Recherche skin care products.

Popular Finishing Serums include:

Fluide VIP 02

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